Attention All Latchkey Kids

If you are at home without supervision for some part of the day, especially after school until a parent returns home. I have created a simple solution for this complex problem, by creating a third place outside of school and home for youth to have full access to resources made available to them as a member of the Youth Bar.



The purpose of the Youth Bar is to: advance financial independence, eliminate stereotypes about rappers, and provide a safe place with supportive staff members for the youth. This purpose allows youth to have a third place outside of school and home (Oakland’s Safe haven).

The Youth Bar exists to provide scholars the opportunity to socialize in a space that offers things like:

  • Access to various games

  • Access to healthy food and drinks

  • A Safe Place to gain a peace of mind before & after school

  • Supportive staff/mentors in various positions to guide the youth down a path to success

  • Studio space for young scholars to artistically express themselves

  • A counselor for those that need to directly express their issues to someone



Students will have access to many opportunities such as; the opportunity to travel outside the country and gain a wider perspective of the world outside of Oakland. Travel opportunities will come from the Youth Bar’s Partner Program: Young Black & Everywhere whose mission is to give black youth an opportunity to travel overseas.



Financial Education, mental health awareness, proper nutrition training and many more


My goal is to advance financial independence and provide a third place outside of school and home for particularly latchkey kids who are home alone due to parents odd working hours.

Felesia’ Porter

Executive Director, Mentor

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